How to Choose a Topic For Your Blog

If you have decided to take up blogging, the question of which topic you should choose for your blog is by far one of the biggest and most important. When it comes to choosing a blog topic, it’s important to not only choose something that you’re passionate about, but something that’s going to drive plenty […]

5 Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Strategies

Any online marketer who is keen on business success fully understands the power and potential of web analytics. The practice of web analytics will enable you to become knowledgeable about your niche market and optimise results from your marketing efforts. To be successful, it is extremely essential that you understand which of your business strategies […]

5 Tools That Every Problogger Should Be Using

It takes a huge effort to become a Pro Blogger — a nickname for professional blogger, who has an impressive level of experience when it comes to blogging, internet marketing and associated sections. Even when you have become one Pro Blogger, there will be no scarcity in terms of responsibilities, but those expectations may even […]

How to Make Your Website Great

October 30, 2014. Getting a website up and running is no small feat, but it is integral to the success of your business, especially if you’re going to sell primarily online. Follow these tips for creating a website that’ll attract views and create customers.1. Responsive websites will adjust to whatever device the viewer is using. […]

Giveaway! 2 developer subscriptions for Monarch – one of the best Social Sharing plugins

Last month Elegant Themes gave you a tiny little peek at their upcoming Social Sharing Plugin, Monarch. Since then, they have been continuing the design in a way that they can explore ways to make a social sharing plugin that is both simple and comprehensive. That thought has evolved into a very unique sharing plugin that stands […]