Better Communication Is Now Possible With Translation Fire App For iPhone

Communication is the one important factor for all. Language is one of the worst barrier of communication. All languages are not know to every one. Learning all languages is not easy. You can hire a translator, but not at all times. Now its easy for iPhone guys to Tanslate and communicate in in other languages. Translation Fire app does the translation work for you, all you have to do is type the sentence you want to convert, select the source and output language, Hit Fire, Your sentence will be easily converted. Translation fire supports more than 50 languages around the globe.

Using this app is very easy use this app. You will be shown two text area, you have to just enter the text you want to to convert and also select the language you want to convert. once all datas are given hit translate to convert the text to the desired language. You can also copy and translate from a web page or any other documents. For this you have to select the text to be converted, then copy it and paste on clipboard and select the language. Apart from translation you can also here how to pronounce or sound of the words. You an also double check translation accuracy by swapping back and forth.

The most advantage of this app is you can directly post the translated texts via Facebook, Twitter ,Send via email or even send SMS.

This app really helps you to learn some foreign languages.

This app is available on iTunes for $0.99

Are an iPhone user? Will you use this app? Do share your views!

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