Backup file and Remove Virus using Ubuntu

Microsoft Windows is One of The Major Operating System available at Many Home and Workplace, Only Reason is it is Way More Easy Than Other Operating Systems and Many Softwares are Available and Can be Easily Downloaded over Internet.

Windows OS Has a Major Problem , You will Get a Lots Of Virus, Daily Lots Viruses are Created For Windows Operating System.  Whenever i Want to Transfer Files to my PC i have to scan with antivirus program, Oh Crap All Antivirus Programs wont Clear All Even if you Purchase for Money and  still Virus Affects your System.

My PC will Be at Great Risk When i want to Transfer Data From My College LAB, Yes That Sucks! NO Antivirus Program will be Active and Lots of Virus is Ready at Free of Cost 🙂 ! If i Scan Using any Antivirus Program in my PC, Virus Count will Go to 30+ and it is not Healed or Removed Properly, If You Get More Virus in PC Your Windows Will Crash easily and There Is a Chance of Loosing All Your Data Stored on Your System!

I Had the Same Situation, All my Data are in The Drive Where Windows OS is Installed and i cant loose them by Formatting the PC, That Time Ubuntu Helped me to Backup My Data and i Use My Ubuntu to kill the virus Without installing it in my PC .

Ubuntu is Linux Based OS, Its a Open Source so you can Easily Order Or Download From ( I Prefer Download)

Before Going to Tutorial First Download the Ubuntu ISO Image and Write it In a CD.

Check that Your CD/DVD  Drive is First in Boot Order

Load The Ubuntu CD and Boot From it


Yes! Ubuntu allows you to Check the Performance in your PC to Check how it Works on your System

After Couple of Minutes Ubuntu Desktop will Load and From there you can Access all Your Drives Connected To Your PC > Go to Places in Top Left Menu-> Computer

Now You can Access All Your Drives And Access Data !

Now How to Remove Virus From Removable Media

Insert The Removable Media and It Will Open Like Windows

Here i used My 2GB USB Drive to Transfer a File And You Can See 2 Exe Files With a Lock On Top Right Oh 2 Virus 🙂

Simply Select the File and Delete it ( Do Shift + Delete , Like Permanent Deletion key in Windows )

Now Virus i Permanently Deleted!

After Finishing Just Restart or Shutdown , Remove CD ..

This Method Takes Time, But it Protects All Your Data

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  1. Sreenivas Devaraju says

    Hello, Kartikeyan. I appreciate you are helping others how to work out the virus removal with Ubuntu live CD. I also recommend another procedure when people are not sure which file is a virus in there computer. The method is install Ubuntu on a 8 GB USB flash drive (minimum 4 GB USB flash drive should be used to carry out the procedure. Then on website download the Avira personal Antivirus, Unix version. They have the manual as well on how to install in Linux. Go through the manual and install Avira Antivirus in Ubuntu. After done with everything you can scan any windows partition with Avira Antivirus in Ubuntu. The same can be done using even Avast. Thanks to Avira and Avast for having there Unix version and helping people to get rid of virus infections

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