Avinst 2200mAh External Battery – Best Smart Charger For Your iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad, one of the best smart device from Apple Inc. Everyone knows a lot about iPhones and iPads and its  features. When it comes to battery life, iPhone and iPad wins the other range of devices in the category. iPhone 4S has slight issue which will be soon fixed by Apple.

If you use your a heavy smartphone userm its gonna decrease your battery life a lot, that too if you use 3G its going to take lot of battery power. This is applicable to iPhone and iPad too. If you are looking for possible solution to have long battery life, you have to kill some process. What if they are important to you? In that case we go for external battery. Avinst 2200mAh External Battery helps in that case, its a smart charger for your iPhone and iPad. This external battery has the capacity of 2200mAh.

Avinst 2200mAh External Battery - Best Smart Charger

Avinst 2200mAh External Battery Features

  • 2200mAh battery capacity charges or gives your phone a boost when you need it
  • 1A Output charges phone at same speed as wall charger
  • Measures Just 70x30x21mm for easy portability
  • Compatible with all Apple devices using a 30 pin connector
Avinst 2200mAh External Battery - Best Smart Charger


  • Compact Design
  • Easy to carry in your pocket
  • LED indicates the external battery strength


  • No on/off Switch.
  • No Cap for the 30 Pin connector, If you keep the smartcharger in your pockets it may get damage.
Avinst 2200mAh External Battery - Best Smart Charger


Apart from the two negatives this external battery works well. I use the phone too much and every social apps and IM clients runs in the background. I use to carry around this charger when I go out. If you are looking for good external battery for your iPhone or iPad. Avinst 2200mAh external battery is value for your money and available in mobilefun.co.uk. Price of this charger is charger is just $20. If you are looking for any other mobile phone battery I suggest you to check Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger

We recommend this. If you have any other external battery or smart charger, do share your views and experience with us !

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