Auto Tube Pro Plugin For WordPress [Review]

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. YouTube is open to all and anyone can share the their own videos. YouTube is owned by Google, the search engine giant. Most people now a days share their own videos with anyone. Video blogging is also increased when compared to the past, because of YouTube and its functionality.

You cannot simply add any video on YouTube, every video uploaded must pass through Google scanners, if there is any violation, the video will be rejected. Google can withdraw the approved video if someone reports and proves your video violated other piracy or copyright.

Most bloggers use YouTube to share their thoughts, how to videos. Now a days many started liking videos rather than lengthy contents. We can make lots of money using YouTube and all we need is Google adsense account. With proper SEO and Good quality video, one can make hell a lot of money from their YouTube videos.

If you are using WordPress blog you can easily add YouTube video to your post or even you can run a YouTube sharing site. I recently came across Auto Tube Pro Plugin to easily add YouTube videos to the blog post.

Why Auto Tube Pro ?

Auto Tube Pro helps you to automatically add YouTube videos to the blog post based on the keywords. If a keyword is given the top popular video is pulled to the blog post.

This plugin supports both auto mode and manual mode. Auto mode has lots of options like how the videos to be added to the blog post, video position  video alignment, video size, categories  You can also add HTML banner / Affiliate code right below the video using this plugin itself (This will definitely boost the sales).

There is an option for channel name, if any channel name is given the video related to the keywords from the particular channel is added to the blog post. You can select the categories from the list to which the videos to be added. you can also select multiple categories  There is an option to add videos to all the old post and also to display the videos in homepage.

In my quick research i think i found that the keywords are based on title, I just simply wrote a dummy post and included the keywords iPhone, Android in individual posts. I found the the video related to the keyword changes every time and this will definitely engage the users.

In Manual mode you will see a YouTube icon in the editor. Just click on the editor and enter the video keyword you like to insert in the blog post. It still depends on the video settings  If you give any channel name the video related to the keyword will be inserted from the channel or else one of the top video related to the keyword will be added to the post.

You will see a YouTube icon the WordPress editor. just click on that it will ask for the keyword, enter keyword and the video will be added automatically.

Over all I found this plugin really useful to easily embed YouTube videos to the blog post. I recommend you to download Auto Tube Pro ( lite version, I am sure you will definitely switch to pro version.

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