Are tablets better for mobile apps?

The arrival of smartphones has changed the way people look at mobile devices and has opened a wide spectrum of new opportunities. As the size of their displays got bigger every year, the creation of tablets was the natural step. Today, both devices are used routinely for entertainment as well as communication and the latest gadgets are almost as powerful as PCs and laptop computers. When it comes to online gambling, many people prefer to use tablets instead of smartphones, for both online and offline games.

Gambling apps run smoothly on modern tablets

The same manufacturers of mobile devices produced smartphones and tablets, so players don’t have to change new slots sites or operating systems. There are also no significant differences between the processing power of these devices, so gamblers can expect the same performance on tablets. In fact, some of the latest gadgets were enhanced, to be able to deliver a better gaming experience. In exchange for accepting the downsides of a bulkier size, players get more powerful devices, with extra RAM and faster CPUs.

Online casinos who develop mobile apps for gambling have made sure that they require as little resources as possible. The same application can be used on tablets and smartphones, so players don’t have to worry about a steep learning curve one switching from one to the other. For casual games and especially those played mostly in single-player, smartphones are preferred because they are easier to carry around. However, when it comes to multiplayer, as well as casino games and poker, tablets are the better choice.

Bigger displays are essential for gaming

In terms of processing power, smartphones and tablets are similar, with a slight edge for the latter. The main reason why people prefer tablets when playing casino games or poker is that the gaming experience is enhanced by the bigger displays. These high-resolution gadgets allow players to see everything that is happening at one glance, without having to scroll in any direction. Modern casino games are colorful, dynamic and a treat to the eye, with cool graphics that deserve a big display.

Compared to other casino games, poker is more static, but nevertheless highly interactive and players interact with their peers constantly. Not too many things happen simultaneously, but the action is fast-paced and players simply can’t afford to miss anything. Tablets are highly responsive and gambling apps run quickly and glitch-free, which is essential when playing on real money. Even if they don’t own the latest devices, players can expect to enjoy a similar experience as if they were playing on PCs or laptops.

Not only gambling apps, but even video games can be enjoyed on tablets and developers have released many titles for handheld devices in recent years. First-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena games and arcade titles are perfectly suitable to be played on tablets. Real-time strategy games which require players to control several groups of units simultaneously poses unique challenges for tablet users, who lack the superior control delivered by a keyboard and mouse.

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