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When you are looking for cool apps, it is often the oldest games that are the best games. Who would have thought that when you played Scrabble with your grandparents one day you would be playing it on your smartphone? There are several different scrabble apps around but the coolest one is Words with Friends.

Really it is Scrabble with a twist. It is a multiplayer game and it is available as an ad free paid for game or one supported with ads. Just as normal scrabble you have a set of letters from which you have to make a word that fits into the crossword style playing board. Different letters have different scores, and there are double letter, double world, triple letter and triple word squares that multiply your score accordingly. When you have done you ping the next player. The game ends when all of the 104 letters have been used and either one person has used up all here letters or nobody can make any more words.


At the other end of the intellectual spectrum one of the coolest apps is the latest Angry Birds release. This is called Angry Birds Space and that is where you will find them. They have moved to a strange universe which is populated by floating space pigs. There are some very clever additions to the usual game as somehow the designers have been able to incorporate zero gravity into the game play. There are 60 entirely new levels and many very difficult challenged. Angry Birds addicts the world over will love this super cool app.

The might be very silly, indeed it really is very silly, but it is also quite cool. Talking Tom Cat is a great little app that talks back to you in a strange voice and repeats what you say. You can stroke him and make him purr, pull his tail, give him a saucer of milk, but one thing you can’t do is forget about him because he will pester you until he gets some attention. For kids of all ages!

Talking Tom 2 - Accessories

On the business side, many firms are now creating appas to help with user experience such as which has many second hand cars for sale ranging from family to sport cars. You can download these apps from the iTunes store.

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