Apple Reduces Space Needed For Updates – Hallelujah!

There is very little more frustrating when it comes to smartphones than not being able to carry out an update because there’s not enough space on your phone. You spend your time trawling through photos, videos, and old games desperate to clear up the space to download the latest update.


But fear not, when Apple launched their latest update to devices this week they addressed that very problem. iOS 8.1.3 has reduced the amount of space needed to be updated, turning gigabytes into megabytes, which means Angry Birds can stay and even those selfies of you in Paris don’t have to face the chop.

It’s perhaps this which has been the main source of praise for Apple’s new update, which also includes correcting the bugs stopping Spotlight from showing app results and multitasking gestures from functioning on iPads, and will certainly be exciting one group of people indeed – gamers.

iOS 8.1.4

It’s what most smartphones are filled with, from the two billion downloads of Angry Birds, to thrilling shoot’em ups, to popular casino slots, our iPhones are jam packed with them, but the need to delete could be no more.

For many it’s put off users updating their devices, with the want to play on the virtual one armed bandits much greater than a few issues troubleshot, but their latest move will certainly make Apple users happy.

Of course the other updates are a welcome addition too, the problems keeping some users from entering passwords into FaceTime and Messages has finally been fixed, whilst the California based brand are also working on iOS 8.2, which will be released to support the Apple Watch.

This is expected to be a much bigger update and could see them going back to needing much more space.

For now however, we can certainly be happy that the latest update will save us from deleting countless images, apps, and games, keeping our devices fun, and the latest in mobile technology.

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