Do You Think Your Android Smartphone Is Secure?

Apps used on mobile phones often can make your personal information too readily accessible. Some apps are constantly running with a perpetual internet connection. They can also upload your personal data without your knowledge.

Don’t think this is only information you’ve consented to be released. Data that you have not expressly given consent to be uploaded can sometimes escape your phone as well. Android users seem to be the most vulnerable for these situations. A cryptic system is in place but it doesn’t seem to be effective in protecting personal data found on one’s mobile phone.

Google Play, the home to the Android Apps, provides you with an alert when you download any app. This alert gives information about what the app can access one it is installed on your phone. This will say if the app needs to contact things such as the internet or your list of contacts. When an app is installed, it can only use this parts of the phone these it specifically states it will use. This all sounds good but unfortunately it simply doesn’t work in this manner.

Android App Permission Problem

While these alerts provided are informative, very few people take the time to read the permissions. They simply want to get the app installed so they can begin using it. Those people that do actually read these alerts find them so loaded with technical jargon that doesn’t clarify much. Also, the alert may say which part of the phone will be accessed, however it might not say when. For all you know, it could be doing this constantly.

This current permission system used by Android devices simply is not effective. In fact, some demonstrations have proven that some data such as photos could be easily uploaded to remote servers without the owner’s knowledge. Google acknowledges this issue citing the permission system doesn’t extend to the built in storage on the device.

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