Amazon Gift Card For Free – How To Redeem ?

Amazon is one of the top e-shopping portal in US. Global shipping is also available in Amazon. Apart for product sales amazon also provides cloud services, Media stream, Movie Stream and Music stream services. Kindle is best gadget for reading books on the go. Amazon has Amazon gift card program, with this you can send gift card to your loved ones or if you have one, you can redeem it to use the gift value.

With Amazon gift card you can do lots of thing like purchase any products, purchase movies or TV series. The most advantage is Kindle users can use the gift card money to purchase books. Amazon gift cards comes in various denominations. How about if you get Amazon Gift Cards for FREE. Here come a little tip.

Free Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card For Free – How To Get / Redeem

1. All you need is an Apple Device or Android Device.


2. Open the following link using your Apple Device or Android Device

Link to Follow –

3. Use the link and download the app in case of Android / Install the certificate in case of Apple devices

4. In case of Android users open freemyapps app , Apple users open freemyapps site in safari web browser.

5. Now check for sponsored apps column. There you can download apps for credits. All you have to do is open and run the downloaded / sponsored app for 30 seconds.

6. Once you have enough credits check under gift selection and redeem the amazon gift card.


7. Now you will have Amazon Gift Card code. Redeem it in your account. Enjoy Shopping.

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