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Looking for an exciting learning site for your kid? We will recommend, a early leaning website for kids between the ages 2 -6. There are over 2000+ activities like games and puzzles, songs, art lessons and much more. It also includes subjects like social studies, mathematics, art and music. This online site is created to provide fun and interactive learning to the kids. is subscription-based, with no advertising, pop-up ads, or links to other sites. Children can learn and explore with their parents, or on their own (depending on age and ability), in a safe and secure online educational environment.

Apart from subjects and puzzles provides more additional features like Lesson Builder, Progress Tracking, tickets and rewards system, customizable avatar, interactive zoo and farm, aquarium and an option to record the book in your own voice. also provides Beginning Reader Series for iPhone, iPod and iPad, where your kid can enjoy fun through reading the stories.

App Name: Big Bug Little Bug App Price: $0.99

App Name: Dan and Jan App Price: $0.99

The above apps are part of the Beginning Reader Series: Word Families, which introduces young learners to the joys of reading through stories that emphasize word families (groups of words with the same ending sound, such as hot, pot, and not). Each story in the Beginning Reader Series is told in an engaging rhyming format in which words from the featured word family appear frequently.

App Name: Grand Canyon App Price: FREE!!

The Grand Canyon is part of the Search and Explore Series, teaching young children about geography, national landmarks, and points of interest around the world through engaging stories featuring computer mice that come to life as ABC Mouse™, 1•2•3 Mouse™ and Do-Re-Mi Mouse™ (ABC Mouse is a proficient reader and speller; 1•2•3 Mouse is expert with numbers, counting, measurement, and quantities; and Do-Re-Mi Mouse is a talented artist—lyricist, vocalist, musician, painter and more).

We believe your kid will enjoy more creative and fun learning with

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