9 Technology Tips for Boosting Online Student Productivity

An exceptionally crude meaning of productivity, says the proportion of yields to inputs. Presently, training is a procedure of utilizing our time as a part of learning, comprehension, and usage of information.

Keep in mind the past times, when “instructive innovation” implied extravagant pencil sharpeners and awkward overhead projectors? Times have definitely changed, as any visit to a school will uncover. Students use iPads, computers at their work areas. Youth mentoring programs supplement the everyday lesson arrangement. Educators use internet learning administration frameworks to track assignments and hand out evaluations. Also, information gathering permits us to examine the aftereffects of everything.


In this way, the result is by all accounts positive. Since 2010, 8 million iPads have been sold to classrooms around the world, and preparatory studies demonstrate a reliable increase in performance. A 2014 RAND study of a Carnegie Learning polynomial math program found that the mixed learning (or innovation upgraded) model supported normal students’ performance by roughly eight rate focuses.

Advantages of Using Technology in Education Process:

  1. Innovation frequently makes individual collaborations wealthier.
  2. Not very many individuals believe that simply giving a tablet to scholars will consequently improve their instructive encounters.
  3. Innovation can give students an increased feeling of energy and possession in their instruction.

Most studies, including a broad one by Canadian scientists, find that the greatest advantage of instructional innovation is a data access and how it is conveyed.

Tips To Increase Online Student Productivity:

1. Make your studying schedule:

In case you are focused on acquiring an online degree, then the learning procedure can not be constructed with respect to the fun only. You will need to confront and finish different assignments, take an interest in the discussions, and pass exams.

2. Avoid All Distractions:

When you are in a real classroom, you would not acknowledge a telephone call from your companion amid the educator’s address, okay? Web learning should not be distinctive. Try not to permit yourself to be diverted by online networking, telephone calls, visitors, or whatever else when you are listening to an online address, you are finishing a task or you are examining for the tests. You are permitted to take short breaks in the middle of sessions of movement. Utilize that opportunity to send messages, check online networking redesigns, read the news, have an espresso, or do whatever else that makes you glad. At that point, you will have to dispose of every one of those diversions and come back to concentrating on.

3. Know Short Keys for Operating System You Are Using:  

Utilizing console easier routes can spare you time and exertion in finishing undertakings that may some way or another require a mouse or other gadget.

You May use Windows OS, Mac or another Operating System.

4. Keep Your Software Updated:

If you utilize a PC, try routinely running and introducing Windows Updates. In Windows 8, in Apps View, hunt down “windows redesign” and after that select “check for upgrades” to run the procedure physically. In Windows 7, open the “Begin” menu and afterward hunt down “windows overhaul” and select “check for upgrades.” Install these redesigns once every month at any rate.

On the off chance that you utilize a Mac, select the Apple symbol and after that select “programming redesign.” To guarantee that overhauls are made naturally, go to “Framework Preferences” and after that “Application Store” and ensure that “Consequently check for upgrades” is chosen, and additionally each of the three choices beneath that determination.

5. Connect with fellow students:

Try not to disregard the chance to end up part of an online group that will help you gain ground as an student. You can associate with different learners in the same program and gain from each other. Everybody utilizes diverse applications, online instruments and strategies that help them concentrate all the more profitably. When you take part in this group, you will profit by an aggregate affair.

Try not to fear group ventures; there are incredible cooperation instruments that will make the finishing procedure more fun than you anticipate.

6. Back Up Files: 

Back up your files by copying them onto a USB flash drive or external hard drive, to keep from losing them if there is an accident or system crash.

7. Know How To Conduct a Search:

The fact that you are an online student does not mean you should work on your projects based on the first page of Google results. Of course, you can utilize the Internet for your research, but you need to check the reliability of each source prior to using it. Wikipedia and similar resources would not always be the most effective way, so use them as carefully as possible.

8. Take Breaks:

A Scientific study shows that excess of work is harmful for human health and it affects work output badly. So, take Some Break to increase your productivity as an online student.

9. Explore the free innovation resources:

  • Downloads.its.psu.edu: provides antivirus and other tools.
  • Webapps: Provides softwares, which can be accessed from your mobiles.
  • EduBirdie.com: this website is a very good tool to get essays online on any niche. No more “write my essay” concerns. You can use it to save your time by writing long & complicated papers.


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