7 Must-Have iPhone Apps To Organize Your Day

With huge buzz, striking the market, iPhone 5 was launched and it’s first day pre-order sales hit 2 million mark in just one day. Including iPhone 5, Apple released iOS 6, iPod other models and many more. If you are using an iPod Touch, then there may be iPhone apps you must haveworked offline. However, iPhone owners are in need of offline access from time-to-time for use in any office building that has shoddy cell coverage or just to use iPhone on a plane. Whatever may be the reason, offline access is very essential to apps these days.

iPhone 5

Though there are many changes that Apple released, but most of the people who expect innovations claim that it is just yet another small update with over expectation.If you looking for some of the best mobile phone deals, then there are many excellent sites that help you to find out the attractive deals. There are plenty of apps available these days that work offline. Let’s go through some of the top apps.


The latest version of the popular Evernote has been introduced as one of the most invited features for taking notes offline. Through a “favorites” button, it is possible to mark notes for offline access. If you already have Evernote in you iPhone, then check out app stores for updates. Newbies of Evernote can just download the app.

2. Stanza

It helps in port reading from your computer to iPhone wirelessly. So, it lets you to carry books with you when you are out. Once it is loaded with books, then you can read them anytime, whether you have an internet connection or not.

3. Instapaper

It is a bookmarking tool that lets you to bookmark webpages for reading them offline. As in iPod Touch, mobile Safari’s tendency of refreshing pages may not open up web pages and save them for offline reading. You may have the option to buy its Pro version for just $9.99, which allows you to scroll and adjust text.

4. Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia app is offered by Steam Heavy Industries. It transports a whole copy of Wikipedia to your iPhonefor accessing offline. Here, whole refers to complete text without any references, image descriptions, and user profiles. This app needs a storage space of 2GB.

5. NYTimes

This app allows you to read news from New York Times right on your iPhone. It allows navigating through stories quickly, selecting up to 4 favorite sections in one touch access, browsing by choosing images that link to the stories upon touch, and of course reading news offline.

6. MightyDocs

This application allows you to take Google documents for offline access anywhere. Though you can’t edit and save them, you can get access to them. Currently, it supports only text documents and spreadsheets.

7. An RSS Reader

A few RSS readers are available from iTunes App store. Many of them sync with Google reader for accessing offline. You can share, star, add notes, and even email the RSS feeds just like a Google Reader.

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