5 Best Ways To Kill Someone Using Your iPhone

iPhone 4 the best smartphone available on earth, if you have that sexy or if you used it, I’m sure that, you won’t go for any other smartphone. If it comes to mail, game or any other apps, iPhone holds the first place for sure. Here is an awesome infographic on 5 ways to kill using an iPhone, the pros and cons of every attack 🙂


Will you make a perfect shot with Assassin Master? All you have to do is shoot real-life people with your camera phone. This games is developed based on augmented reality and the the inbuilt facial recognition technology. Using our custom face detection technology. AssassinMaster can record how accurate your shots are. But assassinators need to remember – only headshots count, anything else is a miss!

Available on both iTunes and Android

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  1. Hey Karthikeyan,

    LOL! that comic / infographic is pretty funny, although a bit graphically shocking!

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