5 Apps Every Biz Owner Needs to Manage their Money

In a day and age where everybody seems to have a smartphone, business owners have the opportunity to make the managing of their business just a bit easier. A few apps that can make keeping your business’ funds in order include:

OneReceipt. This app takes the time and trouble out of saving large numbers of business expense receipts in file folders or envelopes until tax time each year. Users simply snap a photo of each paper receipt with their smart phone cameras and the document transfers to OneReceipt for easy and secure storage. Emailed receipts can also be stored in this app, and Gmail users currently have the option to automatically upload receipts from their email accounts. OneReceipt can also be used to generate monthly expense summaries, track products shipped to customers and sort purchases by category.

PayPal. Business owners receiving payments through this popular platform can manage their accounts from anywhere with this app. In addition to receiving payments, users can check transaction histories and upload paper checks to their PayPal accounts with the camera phone transfer feature. The PayPal app also allows the secure transfer of funds to bank accounts and to other PayPal accounts as needed.

invoiceASAP. This particular app is designed to replace paper invoice slips and to keep better track of those customers who still owe a business money. It sends invoices to customers’ email accounts and accepts mobile payments from both PayPal and major credit cards. This convenient electronic invoice system reduces the numbers of misplaced paper invoices and the resulting late payments. invoiceASAP also features easy customer list creation and a mobile inventory management system.

ERate. Business owners can use this app to determine existing interest rates on different business credit cards. ERate also lists current information such as some of the best business credit cards for small business 2012. The app automatically sorts available business credit cards by introductory rate, annual percentage rate and annual fee amount. Many owners find this app informative and useful for keeping their business credit card interest rates lowest and for avoiding unnecessary fees.

Property Evaluator. Starting a business often involves finding, leasing or purchasing the right commercial property such as a warehouse and storefront. Navigating the variables of a commercial mortgage plan can often seem complicated, and this app is meant to take much of the guesswork out of the process. After entering some basic property information, potential buyers can see a comparison of the property’s value to others with similar characteristics. Business owners can also use this app to generate polished reports and charts to email directly to their lenders and investors.

While none of these apps will be the reason why your business will or won’t be profitable, they can definitely help you keep tabs on your business’ funds at all time.  So if you are looking for a pocket sized accountant, look no further than the above apps.

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