4 Cloud Security Myths Busted

If you’ve looked into using cloud services, you may have encountered some myths that influence your decisions. Don’t fall for these four popular myths. They’ll just lead you in the wrong direction.

The Cloud Has Too Many Security Risks

The cloud, like any technology, has some vulnerabilities. No one should doubt that. Saying that the cloud has too many security risks, though, makes about as much sense as saying that email has too many security risks. As long as you learn how to use it properly, you can eliminate most of its flaws.

Using encryption is the most important way to make sure your private information is secure in the cloud. Use a service like Skyhigh Data Service to encrypt files during uploads and while they’re stored in the cloud. As long as you use reliable encryption, no one else can read your files to steal private info.

Migrating to the Cloud is Difficult

Some businesses put off migrating data to the cloud because their managers think it’s a difficult process. Nothing could be further from the truth. You do need a migration plan to make sure you retain control of your data, but the process isn’t difficult.

While problems rarely occur while making the transition to cloud services, they can happen. You can protect yourself by keeping copies of important data. If the migration plan works as expected, then you can phase out your old technology. If something goes wrong, then you have a backup. Even in the worst-case scenario, you still retain control of your data during migration.

Other Cloud Clients Can Attack You

Blue Cloud security (done in 3d)

Some people worry that using the cloud puts them too close to other individuals and companies using the same service. They seem to believe that proximity in the cloud makes it easier for competitors to hack into their private data.

In reality, each account has its own partitions to keep it separate from others. Primary separation occurs at the hypervisory layer, which is difficult for most people, even experienced hackers, to penetrate. Just because you’re using a multitenant network doesn’t mean other users can gain access to your files. You should, however, make sure you choose a cloud vendor that knows how to manage multiple accounts. Vendors with lax security standards could put your data in danger. As long as you choose a reliable option, though, you don’t need to worry about other cloud clients attacking you.

You Have No Control Over Where Your Data Is

This myth persists because a lot of people have only a loose understanding of what the cloud technology is and what it does. Some people think that sending data to the cloud automatically means that they lose control of where it resides. If this were the case, you would have good reason to worry about using cloud services.

In reality, you just need to choose a lender that uses domestic servers. Talk to several vendors to learn more about where they store data.

The cloud isn’t perfect, but it’s better and more secure than some people believe. Always get the facts before you make an important decision.

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