4 Apps That Turn Your Android Phone Into a Personal Assistant

Smartphones got their name because they’re full of functions, features, and technology. They’re able to help you organize and streamline your life through the use of a vast number of programs — both downloadable ones and ones that are native to the device’s operating system. No longer do individuals need to outsource to a personal assistant to keep their daily life on track; the smartphone can do it all.

Entering the important information into scheduling software for reminders takes only a few minutes, and asking the phone a question and letting it research the answer can take even less time. You’re then free to go about your day, safe in the knowledge that your phone has everything under control.

Android Phone Into a Personal Assistant

Google Now

Google Now is part of the Android OS, and it integrates with all Google’s apps as well as with the Chrome browser on the PC. Set up an alert on the Calendar through Chrome, and it posts the information to your phone. On your phone, you have the option to change the alert as needed. You can also snooze the alert just as if it were an alarm clock. If you’re not using the latest Android device, you might not have Google Now on your phone. Consider upgrading to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 to take advantage of all of the unique apps Google has created for Android.

Access the screen for Google Now by swiping to the right or swiping up from the bottom. There you’ll find your most accessed information in one card. You also have the freedom to customize the cards so that you can get alerts about sports, stocks, news, and any other information for which you want updates. For instance, if you’ve ordered a package and the tracking information was sent to your Gmail account, Google Now keeps track of the shipment in a card — no need to go through Gmail to find the message again.


This app uses voice recognition technology that beats out Cortana, Siri, and even Google’s own voice recognition software. Heavily user-tested, Hound works more quickly than the competitors and also works with major companies like Yelp and Uber. Although Hound is still in its infancy, it shows a much promise as it aims to become a program that beats out all of the stock smartphone personal assistants.

Not only is Hound fast, but it also uses an advanced artificial intelligence that doesn’t require speakers to dumb down their language. It’s capable of parsing nested questions, then remembering the information for later. It also does tasks that the user designates, including at specific times or intervals. If Hound lives up to its early promise, it’s going to make the bigger players sit up and take notice.


This personal assistant is part launcher, part Android Wear, and part scheduler. The name Jarvis comes from the gadget in the Iron Man movies, which inspired the functionality of the app. It allows you to change your phone’s wallpaper, runs on an Android watch, sets alarms, makes calls and sends texts, and gives voice notifications about the status of your phone.

Although it’s seemingly a given that these features are available to the user via a few taps on the screen, Jarvis eliminates the taps. Just tap once to use the app, and all the controls for every phone function appear on one screen. Simply choose what you need to set, make the changes, finalize the decision, and forget about it until the alert comes through.

Dragon Go!

Here is the mobile version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The famous PC transcription software brings its high-quality voice recognition to Android, making it easy for users to make notes or longer dictation as needed. It also overrides Android’s native voice recognition software, letting users navigate the phone without dealing with the OS. Dragon Go! is paired up with Netflix, Spotify, and Last FM, giving users full voice control of these apps.

Turning your smartphone into a personal assistant is a highly individual process. Each user needs different features and functionalities from his or her apps. Take the time to look at these and other apps on the Play store and learn about them. You’re sure to find the app you’ve been looking for that rules them all.

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