2015 – The Year of the Apps

This year we have enjoyed some of the most entertaining and advanced Android and iOS apps, with the release of iOS 9 and Marshmallow contributing immensely.

New apps for the operating systems varied from travel apps that help you decide when to book that important flight to photography apps that make your efforts look far more professional.

The Best of 2015 app from the App Store was published by Apple with the Twitter owned Periscope gaining the prestigious first place, and the Tomb Raider Spin off ‘Lara Croft GO’ hitting the first place for Game of the Year.

Runner-ups for App of the Year were Enlight and free stock trading app Robinhood.

For those who were lucky enough to find a new phone or tablet under the Christmas tree there definitely is a list of Apps that should be considered as the best and added for your convenience and fun!


First off is to remember that although your phone can do many things at its heart it is still a phone and designed for keeping in touch with family and friends no matter where they live.  Your phone will have its own messaging app and dialler built in but it might not contain an online messenger and calling service that lets you contact your family and friends over an internet connection rather than a cellular one.

Two of the best apps for this is WhatsApp Messenger and Skype.  WhatsApp is very inexpensive costing less than £1 each year and with this app you can send and receive free messages, pictures, voice messages and videos over the web, and once more if you have a tablet, laptop or Pc you can use the WhatsApp Web for synching messages between the two.

For those folk that do not have iPhones and iPads, Skype is a great way of speaking face to face with those that live too far away to visit.

Social Media apps are incredibly popular and many Android phones and tablets come with social media apps already built in, if yours doesn’t then consider adding Facebook and Twitter, and if you are going to use Facebook also remember to add Facebook Messenger for private messaging with friends.

For those out there who enjoy playing at online casinos then there are a whole host of good quality named sites to add to your apps, many of these sites allow you to use the same password and user name that you use on your PC and you can even pay by mobile casino to fund your account so you can enjoy all of your favourite games whenever and wherever you choose (as long as there is an internet connection!)

Other great social media apps include Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.  There are all types of social aggregators that combine all of your social feeds into a single feed so check these out too.  One thing is for certain and that is the mobile app avalanche continues and gains momentum with an ever increasing velocity, which is a great thing for the consumer as more advanced and entertaining apps become available.

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