12 Megapixel Lumia 910 Rumoured To Come To The UK in May

In a seventeen word tweet, sometimes-right informant Eldar Murtazin spilled the beans on the Nokia 910. According to the Mobile-Review CEO Murtazin, the Nokia Lumia 910 will arrive in the UK in May.

The slightly-upgraded Lumia handset will reportedly come with a 12 megapixel camera, but without the LTE radios that its predecessor has. This makes sense of course, because LTE won’t be ready in the UK until at least 2015. That’s ahead of the reported launch of the original Lumia 900 in the UK, which was reportedly coming in June. It’s a confusing release schedule to be sure – who would buy the 900, when it comes out later?

Murtazin has a mixed reputation, as I alluded to earlier. While he did pinpoint Nokia’s affair with the Windows Phone, his releases were also described as “getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment” by Nokia’s UK Communications Director. Will he be right about this one? We’ll wait and see.


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