10 Best Android Apps Of 2011

Ah, 2011, feels like it has gone in a jiffy. 2011 saw the dominance of Android and the unstoppable rise in its popularity as well as market share. With a rise in market share, developers obviously wanted to cash in on the monstrosity that is Android, and we got to see a huge number of apps and a rocket speed in submissions per day and till today, it has reached to 400,000 in count.

While the apps kept on piling, consumers like us are left squandering in terms of choosing the right apps for our phone, which requires our hard earned money. The Android market might have ratings and featured list, but that cannot accommodate every good app that’s available there, right? However, if you wish, you can find more Android apps here, in a exclusive Android blog, which might help you curate your apps better.

In case you are lazy, here is a list of top Android apps for 2011, *in my opinion*:

best android apps

1.Titanium backup

First and foremost, the most important app you must have is the Titanium backup which is *the* go-to app for backing up anything that is on your Android device. It needs root access though.

See here for yourself


Next, anybody who uses twitter, needs a good client, and in my opinion, if you are a heavy user of twitter, you must have Tweetcaster, which has some brilliant features and a neat UI

Check it out

3.GO Launcher Ex

GO Launcher Ex

Launcher, launcher, launcher, which launcher do you choose? Of course the one which gives you more options that anything else, and that is GO Launcher Ex, the extended version of GO Launcher which provides some stunning versatility in shell configurations.

Give it a try

4.Swiftkey X

Keyboards are really an integral part of your smartphone experience. If you are not able to text fast, the keyboard is deemed a dud. But thanks to Swiftkey X, with it’s intuitive understanding algorithm, you can type faster than ever, with less errors. It learns stuff as you type and languages are it’s forte. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must give it a try.

Swiftkey X here


Adding filters to photos and sharing it is really fun, and there are a lot of apps to do the same, but this one stands out, and that is Lightbox, a neat photo journal style app with a beautiful UI, and great functionality.

LightBox in Android Market

6.MX VideoPlayer

Video players are aplenty but one, and only one uses the hardware well enough and that is MX VideoPlayer. It can use multiple cores for decoding video and has optimized Codec support that includes GPU acceleration too! Must have app!



Ever wondered if you can bypass the carrier and make some free calls and send some SMS to your pals? Yeah you can do that now, with Viber(VOIP), which works with any other viber user in the world.

Make free calls with Viber

8. SpringPad


If you are the note taking type like me, then you must try out this app called SpringPad which works beautifully with a decent UI and swift note taking experience. The app automatically saves and synchronizes with the cloud, and you can access it on the web too!

Check out Springpad

9. ZDToolbox

Another important toolbox which includes control widgets and various settings I found in the Android market was ZDToolbox. It includes whichever control you can imagine having on the homescreen with great looking widgets and what not.

ZDToolbox in Android market

10. RunKeeper

And the final one, which helped me a lot in keeping track of my fitness regime, is RunKeeper. Hands down the best fitness app on the Android market. If you are an athlete, you cannot miss this app.

RunKeeper on Android Market

Bonus App

If you are a blogger like me you must definitely use Google analytics, its the the best mobile analytics app for Android to check your website stats and traffic.

Google Analytics for Android

So, that was my list of top apps for Android in 2011. While these are just apps, you can also check out some games by top developers like Gameloft and EA, who have some superb titles for your Android device. Dead space 2 is one example of and exemplary game with great graphics by EA.

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