10 Apps That Every Small Business Should Use

Running a small business is something that takes an intense amount of hard work and a lot of persistence. One other important key to help you run your small business more effectively is a smartphone full of intelligent apps. You can start getting more things done and get a better idea of where your business stands with the right apps. Here are some top apps that every small business owner should be using.


1. Square

If your business processes payments using credit or debit cards, you can get access to a low-cost card processor directly from your phone. Simply download the app Square, and request the free card reader to be mailed to you. Once it arrives, you can easily plug it into your phone or tablet and get the ability to process payments. Square charges a small fee for processing and then deposits the payment directly into your business account.

2. FreshBooks

In order to maximize your profitability, your business needs to have an accurate financial management system. Business accounting can be a tricky subject for new business owners. FreshBooks is an app that gives business stakeholders a way to balance the company’s accounting books. This app allows you to access invoices and payments in a clear visual display that helps you understand how much money is coming in to your company.

3. Evernote

Being productive in a fast-paced environment can be tough if you have a mountain of responsibilities on your plate. The app Evernote is a great way to help get your productivity back. Most people use this app for taking notes, and business owners can take advantage of its versatile interface to make to-do lists, notes, reminders, and other types of information which can include links, pictures, videos, and integration to other applications.

4. Toggl

Time management is another struggle for business owners captaining their own organization. The truth is time is money, and when you’re not keeping track of where your time goes, you may be throwing profit away. One of the biggest expenses of today’s businesses is time wasted away. Toggl allows you to log time spent on various tasks, and you can even track your employee’s productivity as well.

5. Trello

Trello is another app that helps boost your company’s productivity. The focus of this app is on project management, so it can be helpful for companies that manage big multi-step tasks where many different people are contributing. The app makes it possible to assign different steps to employees and get a good overview of the project status.

6. HipChat

Communication is another key to keeping your small business on the right track. While some companies rely on text messaging to keep everyone in the loop, there are other inexpensive ways to communicate that don’t utilize your cellular data as much. HipChat is one app that can help everyone on your team stay connected. It’s easy to use, and you can even share links and files if you need to. Best of all, HipChat allows to you set up different groups to allow your organization’s special project teams to have a focused collaborative conversation.

7. Nimble

If you aren’t using social media to help bring your small business more success, you ought to be. After creating accounts for the major social media platforms, you can get more out of your usage with an app called Nimble. This app gives you a way to track your customers’ social media trends, such as their likes, common interests, and topics of conversation. You can use this information to get more targeted advertising to the people who most patronize your business.

8. MagicApp

The cost of telecommunications for a business can eat away at a monthly budget. One way to help keep your costs a little lower is to use an app like MagicApp, which allows you to make and take calls over your internet connection. MagicApp was created by the company that helped bring phone calls through your computer, MagicJack, led by board member Donald Burns, who has made it a point to help people around the world pay less to phone companies.   

9. Dropbox

If your business needs a better solution for sharing important files across different platforms, Dropbox can help you give your employees access to everything. When you have workers that aren’t necessarily all based in one location, this app can help create a centralized filing system. You can download and share files through your phone, tablet, or computer.  

10. Polaris Office

Business owners who rely on Microsoft Office products may find a few roadblocks when trying to open files using their smartphone or table. Polaris Office makes it easier to edit your files or make a new document directly from your device. That way, you can keep working even if you don’t have your computer in front of you.

The most successful business owners use the top tools available to make their companies work smarter and more efficiently. You can get a head start on your productivity if you try some of these top apps in your daily routine.

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