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Like yet another day, I was looking for a free website builder for my friend who is into the Marine engineering niche. So, how to create a website in a niche with blog, forum.. etc ?

Initially I suggested him WordPress, but free WordPress.com offers only a blog style website, but my friend wanted to create a free website with the aforementioned features like blog, forum.. etc. and didn’t care about domain name and all.

So, I was intensely searching for a site builder and happened to stumble into ucoz.com, which offers a huge variety in free web site building with a lot of options like free web hosting, free website design templates and when you are all set, you can make your own website for free.


As any other service, you need to create an account, which is free. After creating your account, you are given access to a webtop ( a web version that looks like a desktop ) You have to create an account for the webtop again. In the webtop interface, you are given the option to create a website.

You choose the domain name you need which has various options like .ucoz.com etc. After you have chosen the name, you can directly create a website for free from the control panel which offers you these options :

The above options are exactly what I wanted for that new site. Perfect for a niche site with mostly static content. After this, you can select the design of your website from a number of templates.

Here’s the control panel which offers various options. Do note that they provide 400 MB of free space –

As you can see, the options they offer is really extensive and gives you enough control over what you do and what you want to display.

Content entry is as easy as you might think, here is an example for entering for a blog post –

It has a rich text editor like any other platform and you can enter your post right away. This is how it looks after it is published –

The comments section is also rich and has graphical smileys too.

So, that’s it for the walkthrough to how to make a website for free, there are a lot of options I didn’t mention, it’s upto you to check it out in interest. Let me know if you have anything to say, in the comments section below.

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